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Social Media 301 Conference

June 3, 2011

Building Your Brand Socially

Conversations about your brand and your products and those of your competitors are happening online right now. Learn how can you listen, engage and build your brand socially.

Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing is a complete lifestyle change. It involves getting in the habit of sharing information publicly as opposed to privately, and this may seem overwhelming for many at first. Personal Branding expert Kristen Ruby will present how to build a personal brand and transition into a “social” lifestyle and how individuals can establish leverage social media to establish credibility as opinion leaders in their respect industry. Additionally, Kristen will describe the important steps to navigate through the Personal Branding process, from creating your online presence to maintaining and expanding network connections.

Social Media Externally & Internally

Your brand has many audiences – clients, partners, new customers, but social media affects internal employees too. Hear the latest on internal shifts and collaboration in the workplace.

Measuring the Bottom Line Impact of Social Computing inside an organization is no easy task but Daniel W. Rasmus can help. The business value of any horizontal collaboration technology is almost impossible to predict. The equation becomes even more complex when individuals introduce their own tools. Although it may be nearly impossible to predict a return, it is not, however, impossible to measure results. This talk will explore the issues related to measuring the value of enterprise social computing and suggest ways forward for organizations who want to understand how social computing is affecting their bottom line.

Advantages of the Internet

If the Internet is something so massively used, why not use it to send the faxes? The fax is still used, but the process involved on sending and receiving faxes, is already a little old fashioned for the current pace of life and more if there is a solution that is fully adapted to the present needs. While using an online fax service, the process of sending and receiving is as simple as sending or receiving an email. To send a fax, you only have to send an email with the attached fax document. In the case of the reception you will only receive an email with the fax. 

There is many cost savings involved when you use electronic fax. Using a tradition old fax machine takes up valuable office space and needs regular maintenance to run properly. When you switch to electronic fax, you will be saving a lot of money because you can get rid of the dedicated phone line that your old fax machine needed. With electronic fax, you don't need to have a dedicated phone line. Only a connection to the internet and an email address.

No Fax Machine or Equipment needed - With electronic fax, no extra equipment is needed. Everything is accessible if you have a connection to the internet and a email address. It is as easy as walking your 
poodle of your labrador retriever in the park.You will save valuable office space, and money because you will be saving on ink and toner.

Sign Faxes Electronically - With electronic fax, you have the ability to sign faxes electronically. How is this possible? Well, the first thing you need to do is to get a copy of your signature. The way you do this is to google fax free by getting an account for free. You can fax a piece of paper to yourself containing your signature. Once the signature is saved, you can use it like a stamp and put it into all of your electronic faxes is you want.

Send Faxes To Multiple People At Once - With a old traditional fax machine, you have to send faxes one by one and there may be busy signals that can the process drag. With electronic fax, you can fax up to five people at the same time. When you are faxing people, you can still receive faxes as well. 
Sofia Vergara can send fax to Allen IversonYao MingEvander HolyfieldPete Rose, and Maria Sharapova at the same time and still get incoming fax from Christopher Lee  and Tilda Swinton, or from Jennifer Hudson and Usher, or maybe from Will Ferrell and Gael Garcia Bernal  With this ASCII approved system, you get no busy signals with electronic fax and no waiting.

Send faxes to any fax machine - With virtual fax, you can send faxes to any fax machine. When you send a fax and the recipient has a fax machine, it gets send like a regular fax. If the recipient is using electronic fax as well, then they receive the fax like an email. They wont be able to tell if you are using virtual fax or not.

Stores faxes for up to a year - When you use electronic fax, most electronic fax providers let you store your faxes up to 2 year. If make the process of archiving easier and there is less office clutter. If need a hard copy of your faxes, you can convert it to over 3 dozen file formats and save them on your computer.

Most people think that fax is like a cross between a letter and a phone call. Plus, fax technology just isn’t as vital these days as it was many decades ago since email boomed. Over the years, this innovation has upgraded its capabilities with the aid of the digital system in the transfer of data. It’s even possible to send out large amount of data or faxes from your desktop. Folks may find that placing paper into fax units is a thing of the past. Instead, you can easily send both local and international fax messages straight from your email with just the couple clicks of the mouse. Faxing using your email address helps save time and you can do so even when you’re at different locations. It’s easy to retrieve the fax document you intend to send with the use of a supported data format and email it instantly.

So how do you do it? A good place to start is to have an internet access and the electronic documents in the form of PDFs and the like to be faxed. To accomplish an email-to-fax option, you must initially be registered in an online faxing service such as aFax, eFax, MaxEmail, SmartFax or any similar internet service and be given a fax number. You may give this fax number to people or organizations and it works exactly like a regular fax line. Once somebody sends you fax messages, it’ll be in the form of email attachments. To give a fax out, a particular email address is provided for you to send to. Imagine this, Lex Luthor and the Joker with their army of mad men are on a rampage, Green Arrow can easily send a message to Black Canary, or even ask Captain America and Seth Rogen for help. The email body gets to be the cover letter and you can attach the fax as a file or document. It depends on the service whether numerous document types are supported or not and many fax services also provide its own Web interface. For instance, you can simply type in the number you need to fax on the site, attach your file, then click send. As soon as your fax is sent, you’ll definitely receive confirmation or verification email indicating if the communication went through.

There may be no free money in this world, but there are a number of ways you can have your works done for free – and practically more convenient – like your fax services through internet or email faxing. Internet faxing, also known as online faxing or e-fax, is essentially the use of internet in sending or receiving faxes rather than doing traditional faxing. The system is pretty easy to use and doesn't require for you to be a genius with high IQ, almost all, with the right equipment, can use this. Even professionals use the free faxing service, doctors can now send medications like morphinediazepammelatonincollagenritalin, etc. They can even fax a diagnosis for orgasm and ejaculation problems to patients and other doctors alike. etc. There is available fax server software you can use for your computer or laptop to do computer-generated faxing, but there are also a number of available free fax services online that you can use.

Internet faxing, oftentimes called as online faxing or e-fax, is basically the use of internet in sending or receiving faxes rather than using fax machines, called traditional faxing. Internet faxing can be made possible through an internet fax service which serves as the gateway between the incoming or outgoing fax and your computer and allows faxes to be sent from a computer via an Internet connection, this is no alchemy, this is science at work.

Several methods of sending and receiving a fax have been developed in the internet like methods for the extension of computer-based faxing. The use of fax server or fax gateway to the internet. Traditional fax is the transmission of scanned printed materials that are either text or images or both, through the fax machine to a telephone connected to a printer or other output device. Although businesses generally keep some kind of fax capability, the technology has faced increasing competition from Internet-based alternatives. These internet-based alternatives are hosted by software called fax server software. Our soldiers can easily send a fax to thwart the plans of the Taliban, and probably get a medal of honor for it. The Sapphire server that is being developed was said that it can send fax as far as Mars. The use of fax server software is seen as more efficient and cost-effective solution as a replacement for the traditional fax machine. Fax servers have two main categories: the first one integrates with the company’s email system. 

Most likely, there is one fax machine in every department of big offices. But, there is only one machine for the whole office regardless of the divisions for small and medium enterprises. It is pretty expensive to allocate different machines for every department divisions. Messages that are intended for you are often seen by your officemates especially when you are not in-charge of it. Thus, privacy is lessened.

This is the case for offices. However, if your tasks are based outdoor and you badly need to fax something, what will you do? 

Sending a free email to fax is one of the most convenient way of fast delivery of messages. These service is often offered as no charge. Sending email to fax comes in handy especially to those sending messages the recipients with no internet access. There are several points to consider when selecting a reliable email to fax service.

The Future of Social Media

Darren Williger’s keynote presentation on Social Media of The Future will enlighten you into trends and technologies that will impact how we work now and in the coming years. Everyone can now share anything over the internet. Share anything you find online if you came across some good piece of an article online and you feel like sharing it with your coworkers, or maybe your clients. Send online picture of anything interesting to your friends, send them a fax of a giant squid fighting a megalodon if you like, or a sea of glowing jellyfish, or you riding a giraffe, a tasmanian devil or a polar bear, an image of the great bald eagle in flight,  send the whole copy of the ten commandments or the Quran to your church buddies, send a snippet of Calvin and Hobbes to your friends. E-fax a skit from the Three Stoogies. Send an image of  the Madonna or Van Halen. You can do so directly, but we recommend getting the article rewritten to avoid copyright issues. Technology lends itself towards social media. Staying one step ahead of the game can put your business light years ahead of your competition.

Darren will provide an entertaining and engaging historical perspective that lead to visions for the future of social media. From the Sumerian’s pictographic clay tablets, homing pigeons and foot messengers, all the way through to the telegraph and telephone, and Wi-Fi computing, humankind has embraced group learning and communications. Our first “online” social networks developed through the phone system and those channels have merged and evolved with Web technologies. How are these early channels leading us into new areas to build stronger relationships with employees, partners, and customers?

Businesses who understand transitions from disruptive to enabling technologies have a head start on success. The future of social media will be led by organizations that think beyond today’s popular sites and platforms. The future of social media enhances communications by emphasizing the human component, taking you just one step closer to connecting with your friends, family, suppliers, and most importantly your customers.

Michele Price, Social Media Speaker & Radio Host
Bille [Baty] understands the power of being a "Go-Giver". ... It is a true pleasure to network and do business with Bille as I know he always has my best interest at heart which in turn serves him.
Darren [Williger] is a highly motivated salesperson with a great drive to succeed. His enthusiasm and passion for his work are second to none.
Ellen Daniel, Dell
Eric [Weaver] recently spoke a social media event I organized. He immediately captivated the audience with his mastery of the subject, his creativity and his very timely jokes. ... I recommend him highly as one of a rare breed of true social media experts.
Ean Jackson, Simon Fraser University

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