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Social Media 301 Conference

June 3, 2011

Building Your Brand Socially

Conversations about your brand and your products and those of your competitors are happening online right now. Learn how can you listen, engage and build your brand socially.

Personal Branding and Social Media Marketing is a complete lifestyle change. It involves getting in the habit of sharing information publicly as opposed to privately, and this may seem overwhelming for many at first. Personal Branding expert Kristen Ruby will present how to build a personal brand and transition into a “social” lifestyle and how individuals can establish leverage social media to establish credibility as opinion leaders in their respect industry. Additionally, Kristen will describe the important steps to navigate through the Personal Branding process, from creating your online presence to maintaining, expanding network connections and generating the right content to attract more users.

Social Media Externally & Internally

Your brand has many audiences – clients, partners, new customers, but social media affects internal employees too. Hear the latest on internal shifts and collaboration in the workplace.

Measuring the Bottom Line Impact of Social Computing inside an organization is no easy task but Daniel W. Rasmus can help. The business value of any horizontal collaboration technology is almost impossible to predict. The equation becomes even more complex when individuals introduce their own tools. Although it may be nearly impossible to predict a return, it is not, however, impossible to measure results. This talk will explore the issues related to measuring the value of enterprise social computing and suggest ways forward for organizations who want to understand how social computing is affecting their bottom line.

Measuring, Monitoring & Authenticity

If the Internet is something so massively used, why not use it to send the faxes? The fax is still used, but the process involved on sending and receiving faxes, is already a little old fashioned for the current pace of life and more if there is a solution that is fully adapted to the present needs. While using an online fax service, the process of sending and receiving is as simple as sending or receiving an email. To send a fax, you only have to send an email with the attached fax document. In the case of the reception you will only receive an email with the fax.

The Future of Social Media

Darren Williger’s keynote presentation on Social Media of The Future will enlighten you into trends and technologies that will impact how we work now and in the coming years. Technology lends itself towards social media. Staying one step ahead of the game can put your business light years ahead of your competition.

Darren will provide an entertaining and engaging historical perspective that lead to visions for the future of social media. From the Sumerian’s pictographic clay tablets, homing pigeons and foot messengers, all the way through to the telegraph and telephone, and Wi-Fi computing, humankind has embraced group learning and communications. Our first “online” social networks developed through the phone system and those channels have merged and evolved with Web technologies. How are these early channels leading us into new areas to build stronger relationships with employees, partners, and customers?

Businesses who understand transitions from disruptive to enabling technologies have a head start on success. The future of social media will be led by organizations that think beyond today’s popular sites and platforms. The future of social media enhances communications by emphasizing the human component, taking you just one step closer to connecting with your friends, family, suppliers, and most importantly your customers.

Who are the Conference Organizers?

Fresh Consulting and Eastside Entrepreneurs are organizing SocialMedia 201 to bring together some of the best minds on bringing existing Social Media efforts to new level of engagement and ROI.

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Speaker Reviews

Eric [Weaver] recently spoke a social media event I organized. He immediately captivated the audience with his mastery of the subject, his creativity and his very timely jokes. ... I recommend him highly as one of a rare breed of true social media experts.
Ean Jackson, Simon Fraser University
Darren [Williger] is a highly motivated salesperson with a great drive to succeed. His enthusiasm and passion for his work are second to none.
Ellen Daniel, Dell
Bille [Baty] understands the power of being a "Go-Giver". ... It is a true pleasure to network and do business with Bille as I know he always has my best interest at heart which in turn serves him.
Michele Price, Social Media Speaker & Radio Host